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At, you will in future be able to search for companies in your area, whether by company name, street or city. Practical filter options support you in a targeted search. does not remain only a map. With the browser search via the map and our apps, we will show you verified businesses - whether car dealership, flower store, hairdresser, tire dealer, workshops or gas stations. Each company has been personally visited by us. stands for real and customer-oriented data.

Strengthen the local trade. Look forward with us to a steady growth of businesses and new features.
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All retailer information with just one click and service providers in your area. Send the address to your smartphone or use the App directly.

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Depending on the day, time and place, you can you can save money with
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Free usage

For you the app is free, save time on every purchase!
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Get individualized discounts

Depending on the day, time and place, you can you can save money with
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Free Usage

Free usage

For you the app is free, save time on every purchase!

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Story For several years, we have been supporting den with ALZURA. Online trade in the automotive industry. Our focus to date has been on local platforms such as Reifen-vor-Ort, and the B2B marketplace ALZURA Tyre24.

With the App, we now want to create a connection - between the local retailers, service providers and the online world. On the most different platforms there is the possibility to send workshop requests, tires online or to make an appointment directly with your local tire dealer. With we connect what belongs together: All listed companies at ALZURA can now be found in the App or the Map. is not intended to be just a listing of addresses, however. In the future dealers, service providers and companies shall have the opportunity to present their products and services online and to offer products directly via the app. to be able to sell or reserve.

Why do we do this? Because we rely on sustainability set. is intended to be a statement that we are not dependent on drones. receive our packages and want to be overrun by robots.

be smart - stay local!

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How do I get the data on my phone?
If you have found the right operator via the Map you can use the "Send to smartphone" tab to send this contact directly by e-mail. receive. Just enter your e-mail address in the corresponding field. Alternatively you can also download the App directly. is available in your Google Play or App Store. free of charge and can be used on the iPhone as well as on an Android smartphone. be used.
You get a discount of up to 100% on individual Products or services. How big the discount will be for your purchases depends on the current discounts in your area. A glance at the app is all it takes and you know, for example, which car wash is currently offering a discount and how high this is.
Currently, it is not yet possible to use the App to buy or pay for products. However, you have the possibility to buy the offered payment methods of each merchant and service provider. Save yourself the time to call the workshop and ask if you can also pay with card can.
Gradually, the product range and the services in the app. In the future, it will then be possible for you to do everything via the app. to make purchases and bookings. Payments can then also be made directly via the app.
Under the menu item "Account" simply click on "Change password". enter your current password, enter a new password and confirm with Confirm repetition - done.

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