The best prices in Kaiserslautern

You want to receive all offers from Kaiserslautern at the best price at a glance? This is now possible with the ALZURA Local App!

That's just one of the many benefits of ALZURA Local - the app can do so much more!

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The best prices in Kaiserslautern

You want to have a glance over all the offers with the best price in Kaiserslautern? With the ALZURA Local App this is now possible!

If you find the product you need, you can reserve it directly in the app at the best price and pick it up the same day or use the service.

This is just one of the many advantages of ALZURA Local - the app can do so much more!

Download the free app now!


Your benefits


All over Kaiserslautern

Find all offers of dealers, service providers and restaurants from Kaiserslautern and Germany in one app and buy at the best price.


Free usage

The app is free for you, but you save on every purchase!

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Up to 100 % savings

Depending on the day, time and location, you can save up to 100 % with ALZURA Local!


Easy payment processing

The payment and accounting is done quickly and automatically via app.

How it works


1. Install ALZURA Local for free

Get the free ALZURA Local App for your iPhone or Android smartphone and start shopping in just a few clicks.


2. Registration

Register once with your e-mail address and password and then gain direct access to products, restaurants and services in Kaiserslautern.


3. Start your local shopping experience

You will locate all participating shops and companies in Kaiserslautern on the map of the ALZURA Local App. Now you can find your products and compare the best prices and discounts - let's go!


4. Choose product or service

On the product page you will find pictures and descriptions of your desired product. Here you can also see which store has the lowest price.


5. Complete your order

You found the right price? Then select your desired payment method in the order process and the product is already reserved for you - so easy!

The story behind ALZURA Local

With ALZURA we have been supporting online trade in the automotive industry for several years. But the local trade should not suffer from the progress of digitalization. In cooperation with the city of Kaiserslautern, we would like to create a new platform that fills the shopping streets, supports local shopkeepers and service providers and promotes the trend of mobile shopping.

We combine the local shopping experience with the best prices in one app. Why? Because we focus on sustainability. ALZURA Local is supposed to be a statement that we don't get our packages delivered by drones and are run over by robots.

be smart - stay local!

Do you have any questions?


Where can I use the app?

ALZURA Local is available free of charge in your App- or Google Play-Store and can be used on the iPhone as well as on an Android smartphone.

How much can I save?

You get price advantages of up to 100 % on individual products or services. The discount on your purchases depends on the current discounts in your area. Just take a look at the app and you will know, for example, which car wash in your area currently has the best prices.

How can I pay with ALZURA Local?

All products which are shown in the app can also be purchased and paid for directly via the app. Gradually, the product range and services will be expanded so that you can buy and book everything via the app in the future.

How can I change my password?

Under the menu item "Account" simply click on "Change password", enter your current password, enter a new password and confirm by repeating it - done.

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